The Imperial Merit System

Emperor Hester- March 11th, 2012


Be enacted by the Emperor of The Empire, Emperor Hester, the current merit system shall be as follows;

Section 1-DefinitionsEdit

Merits: A unit of measure of one's contributions to The Empire, required to advance in rank within one's own Branch. Demerit: A unit of measure of one's punishment and taking of merits.

Section 2-Awarding of MeritsEdit

Merits shall be award to;

  • Empire clan members, and
  • to clan allies who've done actions that benefit The Empire just as if done by members of the clan.

Merits shall be awarded based on the actions of;

  • Doing assignments;
    • Easy
    • Medium
    • Hard
    • Very Hard
  • Sending a report everyday (optional)
  • Sending a report a week (mandatory)
  • Roleplaying
  • Successfully recruiting a new member (two weeks in the clan at least)
  • Successfully recruiting a new member while in the Department of Recruiting (two weeks in the clan at least)
  • Part time jobs within your branch
  • Part time jobs outside your branch
  • Actions that warrant the awarding of merits

Section 3-Awarding of DemeritsEdit

Demerits shall be given to those who;

  • Fail in doing assignments
  • Break clan rules/laws

Section 4- Rank RequirementsEdit

  • All clan members below the Royal Ranks shall require merits towards gaining promotions.
  • Promotions shall not be based on merits alone, should the direct overseer, commander deem a promotion is warranted when merits have been reached, then that individual shall be promoted. If not then the merits shall keep going in the direction they are.
  • A clan member who has not been promoted after merit requirements were met can still accumulate merits past several ranks in requirements if their commander or overseer does not think a promotion is warranted.

Section 5-Required Merits for RankEdit

The following shall be required merits to advance to the next rank, as stated in section 4 an indivual can have merits that are required to advance to C-4 but remain an E-10 should their direct overseer, commander deem they're not ready to be promoted;

Rank Abbrviation Required Merits
Branch Leader 13,770
Deputy Branch Leader 8,770
Command-5 [C-5] 6,270
Command-4 C-4] 4,770
Command-3 [C-3] 3,520
Command-2 [C-2] 2,520
Command-1 [C-1] 1,770
Officer-5 [O-5] 1,270
Officer-4 [O-4] 970
Officer-3 [O-3] 720
Officer-2 [O-2] 520
Officer-1 [O-1] 370
Enlisted-10 [E-10] 270
Enlisted-9 [E-9] 220
Enlisted-8 [E-8] 175
Enlisted-7 [E-7] 135
Enlisted-6 [E-6] 100
Enlisted-5 [E-5] 70
Enlisted-4 [E-4] 45
Enlisted-3 [E-3] 25
Enlisted-2 [E-2] 10
Enlisted-1 [E-1] 0


  • This is the first mention of an actual system.
  • This is the first time the merits system was set in "stone".
  • This is the first time people can see what the requirements are.
  • This is the first time merits can be awarded to non clan members.