Resource Allocation Division - Personal
Resource Allocation Division - Personnel
Leader Info
RAD-P Head Vacant
Contact information N/a
Second-in-Command Vacant
Contact information2 N/a
Department Staff Info
Department Staff Size 0
Staff Limit 3
Miscellaneous Info
Budget 0
Motto "Enabling Careers"

The Resource Allocation Division - Personal, or RAD-P, is the "personnel recruitment"/Personal Logistics arm of RADE, trying to fill any vacancies within The Empire.


As for mentioned RAD-P is the main Personal logistics arm of RADE, lead by a selected member of RADE who is great at what the position requires. RAD-P works some what closely to Resource Allocation Division - Imperial Military for Military Personnel requirements, and takes in requests from other branches and departments in need of personnel. Acting upon the requests RAD-P seeks out those who haven't decided their branch of service in The Empire and Imperial Citizens, maximum of once a month, and asking them to joining a Branch to help fill in any voids.