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Resource Allocation Division - Imperial Military
Leader Info
RAD-IA Head Vacant
Contact information N/a
Second-in-Command Vacant
Contact information2 N/a
Department Staff Info
Department Staff Size 0
Staff Limit 3
Logistics Officers 0
Miscellaneous Info
Budget 0
Motto "Prepping for war"

The Resource Allocation Division - Imperial Military, or RAD-IN, is the main logistics arm in The Empire's Imperial Military.


As for mentioned RAD-IM is the main Military logistics arm of RADE, lead by a selected member of the Imperial Military who is great at what the position requires. RAD-IM handles mainly personal assignments, in which when a member of The Empire wishes to join the Military, they're assigned to one of the Imperial Legions. And handles supplies and equipment, making sure the Imperial Military and it's Legions are supplied in case of the outbreak of war, to help with this, each Legion has it's own Logistics Officer.

Current Logistics Officers