Resource Allocation Division - Empire Logo
Resource Allocation Division - Empire
Leader Info
Vizer Emperor Hester (Acting)
Contact information
Adjutant(s) None
RAD-IM Leader Vacant
RAD-I Leader Vacant
RAD-T Leader Vacant
RAD-P Leader Vacant
Department Staff Info
Department Staff Size 1
Staff Limit 5?
Miscellaneous Info
Budget 0
Motto "Having a surplus is always good"

The Resource Allocation Division - Empire, or RADE, is the main logistics arm in The Empire, from handling assignments for new clan personal to the various Departments based on recruit wishes (varies by branch), to providing equipment to the Imperial Military and it's Legions and providing resources to the Ministry of Industry.


As formentioned RADE is the main logistics arm of The Empire, lead by the Vizer of RADE (or just lead by a Vizer). The Vizer of RADE is responsible for all the day to day decisions that need to be made, and overseeing anything within the Department. (S)he reports directly to the Central Government's Grand Vizer, and to the Emperor if special requests are needed.


RADE is broken down into four sub-departments:

Each sub-department has a member of that department's branch leading it, generally someone within the Command Level of rank, with the exception of RAD-P being from the Central Government.

Current Leaders

Vizer of RADE

Past Vizer of RADE