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  • The Imperial Throne is the term used to describe The Emperor and his heir to the throne, or the next in line to be the leader of The Empire. The Throne is also the highest decision making body within the clan from the most minor the most sever and major.

    The Emperor/EmpressEdit


    The Emperor (male) or Empress (female), also known by it's abbrivated name of [R-3] Royal 3, is The Empire's head of state for it's government, is also the Commander-in-Chief for the Imperial Military, along with being The Empire's chief diplomat. The Emperor/Empress, has few restrictions, but can also be removed if they prove to be too corrupt or unfit. The Emperor/Empress also has the power to choose their successor.



    The Executor(male) or Executrix (female), is also known by it's abbrivated name of [R-2] Royal-2, is The Empire's heir apparent. Should a sitting Emperor/Empress step down or are removed, the Executor/Executrix becomes the next Emperor/Empress. The Executor/Executrix's main job is to learn as much from the sitting Emperor/Empress that selected the Executor/Executrix to replace them, this position is possibly the hardest position, even harder than The Emperor/Empress possition, due to the Executor/Executrix needing to take in so much information and retain the information.