Imperial Stockpile Initiative Ordinance

Emperor Hester- January 7th, 2012


Be enacted by the Emperor of The Empire, Emperor Hester, there shall be an Imperial Stockpile of resources and supplies in the event of an emergency or dire need. An emergency or dire need shall be a;

  • War,
  • Low materials within the Ministry of Industry Department of Industry,
  • A plea from an ally at war.

The Stockpile is to be sized based on the number of members of the clan, per member of The Empire there shall be:

  • 5 bars of Rune bars, per rune bar there shall be;
    • 2 Adamant bars,
    • 3 Mithril bars,
    • 5 steel bars,
    • 6 Iron bars,
    • 8 Bronze bars,
    • 20 Silver bars,
    • 40 gold bars.
  • three times the number of ores per bar with exception of silver and gold ore, and enough coal to smelt bars requiring coal, along with no less than ten percent coal,
  • 5 yew logs, per yew log there shall be;
    • 5 maple logs,
    • 7 willow logs,
    • 10 oak logs,
    • 25 logs.
  • And no less than a hundred thousand gold coins.

This ordinance can at any time be amended by the;

  • The Emperor,
  • Inner Circle, via a two-thirds majority,
  • And the Imperial High Command with a three-fourths majority.

This ordinance will be deemed void when a new Emperor or Empress is named and must be approved by the newly named Emperor/Empress or voted to be reinforced by a two-thirds vote of the Inner Circle and Imperial High Command.

Written and signed off by;

Emperor Hester

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