Imperial Smelting
Imperial Smelting
Leader Information
Senior Operations Manager: Emperor Hester(Acting)
Contact information:
Operations Manager: Vacant
Contact information: N/a
Building Information
Type Manufacturing
Industry Metal Processing
  • The Empire
  • Empire Allies
  • First Established N/a
    Reopened January 18th, 2012
  • Cannonballs
  • Steel Bars
  • Gold Bracelets
  • Silver Bars
  • Bronze Bars
  • Revenue 4,000,000
    Change Steady 0
    Total Assets 449,422
    Change Increase 225,242
    Employees 1

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    Peek Production CapacityEdit

    The peek production capacity of the plant is something to desire for a clan/union:

    Steel BarsEdit

    The steel bar output of the Mill at best capacity so far is 800+ an hour with the aide of the Edgeville Furnace and only producing steel bars.

    It is currently unknown what the capacity is at the Al Kharid Furnace is for Steel Bars at this time.


    The steel mill manufactures at steady production 2,160+ cannonballs an hour with the aide of the Edgeville furnace and with a full load of 28 steel bars and the ammo mould in the tool belt.

    Labor UsageEdit

    The labor of the Steel Mill is of effiecency:

    Resource GatheringEdit

    Currently all coal resources come from the Grand Exchange at slightly higher than market value which reduces the ammount of profits the Mill makes for the clan's budget. While Iron is gathered from the Nationalized Business, Imperial Mining.

    Steel BarsEdit

    At present time, Emperor Hester makes all the Steel Bars.


    At present time, no one is making cannonballs.

    Production of GoodsEdit

    Steel Mill

    Liquid metal being poured into bar molds at a smelting plant owned by Imperial Smelting.

    This is a show of what all was produced and sold on the open market, only the end good is listed. An end good is a product that is sold.

    • Gold Coin Transferred: 2,000,000
    • Cannonballs: 45,084
    • Steel Bars: 37
    • Bronze Bars: 59
    • Silver Bars: 608
    • Gold Bracelets: 1,197

    Resource ConsumptionEdit

    This is a show of what all was put into the production of those listed above.

    • Gold Coins (Buying the goods): 1,792,700
    • Iron Ore: 17,994
    • Gold Bar: 8,000
    • Coal: 39,925
    • Silver ore: 150
    • Nature Runes (Early Superheating): 1,200

    Requesting a purchaseEdit

    If you'd like to buy materials from Imperial Steel, request at and how many of one of the below products Imperial Smelting offers at this time. All trades are at market price. Conditions can be discussed on your purchases.

    What Imperial Smelting OffersEdit

  • Steel Bar
  • Gold Bar
  • Mithril Bar
  • Bronze Bar
  • Iron Bar (Double the price due to impure iron ores)
  • Silver Bar
  • Smithed goods (up to level 74 smelting items at this time)
  • Addimant Bar