The High Command in The Empire is the second main descision making body in the The Empire. The High Command was made offical by Emperor Hester's returning descisions on October 24th, 2011.

The High Command

To keep down the bureaucracy in The Empire during Emperor Hester's return on October 24th, 2011. He established the Imperial High Command to give less than Inner Circle descisions down to the lower levels. Members of the High Command can be seen with the following "Identifiers" in their forum signatures with each branch having their own as to tell who is from what branch:

Imperial Throne

Imperial Throne Indicator

Central Government

Central Government High Command Indicator

World Government

World Government High Command Indicator

Imperial Military

Imperial Military High Command Indicator

Ministry of Industry

Ministry of Industry High Command Indicator

Imperial Security Bureau

Imperial Security Bureau High Command Indicator

Imperial Intelligence

Imperial Intelligence High Command Indicator


Requirements to be in the High Command are as follows:

  • Ultra Secret Security Clearance,
  • C-3 Command Level in the Branch they're in,
  • Authorization by The Emperor threw;
    • Emperor himself,
    • Suggested by members of the Imperial Inner Circle
    • Suggested by two thirds of the current High Command.

Should one be kicked from the High Command then they can no longer serve in the High Command, depending on circumstances.

Members of the Imperial Inner Circle are by default members of the High Command. Weather or not they participate in High Command discussions or not is up to them.

Current High Command

There is currently no set limit to members of the High Command. Current members include:

Past High Command Members

To this date no past High Command Members.