First Imperial Legion
Legion Command
Commanding Officer Emperor Hester (Acting)
Executive Officer Vacant
Signals Officer Vacant
Logistics Officer Vacant
General Information
Founder(s) Emperor Hester
Headquarters Imperial Military Headquarters
Established October 24th, 2011
Motto "Never Surrender"
Legion colors
  • Black
  • Red
  • Squad Information
    1st Squad CO Airwalk329
    1st Squad XO Vacant
    2nd Squad CO Vacant
    2nd Squad XO Vacant
    3rd Squad CO Vacant
    3rd Squad XO Vacant
    4th Squad CO Vacant
    4th Squad XO Vacant
    Legion Honors
    Legion Awards None
    Present for Battle(s): None

    The First Imperial Legion is the first Legion in the Imperial Military to ever be established in The Empire. The Legion's current Commanding Officer is Emperor Hester.


    The First Imperial Legion was established on October 24th, 2011 by Emperor Hester when he returned to active duty again. Since his return he reorganized The Empire's Military organization from 432 troops per Legion to just 36 and organized them into a max of four squads per Legion, each with a max of 9 troops. Upon the Emperor's return he planed and hopes to have Five Legion's in The Empire by the end of 2012.


    1st SquadEdit

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    The 1st Squad is assigned to the First Imperial Legion.

    2nd Squad

    Main article: 2nd Squad

    The 2nd Squad is assigned to the First Imperial Legion.

    3rd Squad

    Main article: 3rd Squad

    The 3rd Squad is assigned to the First Imperial Legion.

    4th SquadEdit

    Main article: 4th Squad

    The 4th Squad is assigned to the First Imperial Legion.

    Present for the Wars: Currently the First Imperial Legion hasn't participated in any wars or battles.

    Legion AwardsEdit

    These are the following awards that the legion itself has been awarded. (Awards awarded to the Legion don't always equal with what's awarded to Legion members.

    • None

    Past Commanding OfficersEdit

    1. Emperor Hester- October 24th, 2011 - Present