Cmcspeedy3 scammed Emperor Hester of 27.5 million gold coins. 5 million was to level up cooking to 99. 22.5 million was for a wild goose chase to get an easter egg from one of Cmcspeedy3's "friends" for 30 million and the other 7.5 million would come from Cmcspeedy3.


5M Cmcspeedy3 12.5M gamble Cmcspeedy3 Cmcspeedy3 Scams

Will be removed if:Edit

Pays the Empire 60,405,448 gold coins. This is subject to go up due to how much money could be made with the money, had it not been scammed, at a rate of 1% a week on every saturday.

Dark X NijaEdit


  • Serious offensive language
  • Name Calling

For questions about this, as it wouldn't be allowed on this wiki, i have a screenshot.

Will removed once:Edit

  • Appologizes
  • Pays 100,000 gold coins.