Distinguished Service Cross
Distinguished Service Cross
Type Medal
Eligibility Restricted to Empire members in the military
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Use in the Real world

The Distinguished Service Cross is the second highest military decoration awarded to United States military personal, it's lower than the highest award, the Medal of Honor.

Empire Use in Runescape

Due to the fact that in Runescape, it's impossible to die and stay dead, and so players don't have any fear when facing opponents on the battlefield, and the fact anyone could do the action as people do in real life several times (while dying several times in the process) the Distinguished Service Cross in The Empire is awarded only for extreme dedication on the battlefield, and can only be handed out by the Emperor, if the Emperor is unable to award the Distinguished Service Cross, then the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military shall hand it out. (The Lord/Lady Field Marshal)

Wearing the Medal of Honor

There are two ways of wearing the Distinguished Service Cross, either the Medal form or the Ribbon form.

Wearing the Medal

When there is a speacial event happening in the forums, you are to wear the Medal of Honor centered above your rank insignia and security clearence.

Wearing the Ribbon

When there is no special event happening in the forums, and your email signature, you're to wear the Ribbon at all times except for special events. The Medal of Honor comes before all other medals. And there are no stars to note multiple awarded Medal of Honors, like with most other medals.

Notable Recipients

No one has been award the Distinguished Service Cross