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Cptn Aubrey
Personal details
Age N/a
  • Aubrey
  • Cptn
  • Captain
  • Faction Service
    Faction Allegiance The Empire
    Past Faction Allegiance(s) Unknown
    Current Positions
  • Grand Vizer
  • Chief of Staff to The Emperor
  • Councilman on the Imperial Ruling Council
  • Member of the High Command
  • Past Positions Retired
    Rank Grand Vizer

    (CG)Grand Vizer

  • Central Government High Command Indicator
  • Medal of Honor
  • Supporter of The Empire
  • Central Government Service Award
  • Central Government Administration Cross
  • Imperial Activity Award 6
  • Letter of Commendation 6
  • Central Government Cross class - Gold
  • Central Government Cross class - Gold
  • Good Conduct Award
  • Imperial Recruitment Medal